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Laci Bracewell | CEO | Ruby's Rubbish

"Devin is one of the most creative and talented visionaries I have ever worked with. His scope for producing and managing processes is extraordinary. Devin has the unique ability to see the end result of an outcome and build the pathway to reach it in the most effective and creative way possible. He inspires creativity and is an efficient navigator of the creative flow. I would recommend Devin without hesitation and feel my skills have been elevated to a new level for having worked with him."

Kevin Folan | CEO | Atlas Studios

"I initially started working with Devin to bring a second perspective to my branding and strategy projects, but over the years the relationship has become so much more. When we started working together my business had been profitable for over 20 years, but I had grown complacent. Devin helped me rediscover my passion and drive to build something bigger. His unique approach coupled with an unrelenting focus on results, allows him to transition seamlessly between the mechanics of the business, and the very human elements of leadership and motivation necessary for long term success. I highly recommend him if you need a breakthrough, but honestly, anything he’s involved in will be better for it."

Mark Smith | CEO | System Fish

"Devin assisted my business with strategic planning and marketing development. In my discussions with him he made observations about my strengths, key proficiencies and traits that have taken past clients years to learn about me. Devin has the unique ability to rapidly assess his clients and tactfully challenge assumptions about business development and the use of resources, which makes him an excellent executive coach. I was equally impressed with his ability to quickly grasp the industry of home automation, the products and solutions we offer and ask astute questions about the vendors we work with. In addition to looking at a 12 month plan for business growth, he also provided long term planning recommendations for domain acquisition that have the potential to capture emerging market trends in our business. Devin has been gifted with a strong intellect and wisdom in planning that is exceptional, and I highly recommend him to you."

Sean Brown | CEO | Move Mountains

"I worked with Devin in 2018-2019. From a few short meetings we saw 100% growth in our sales from his strategy and systems that he implemented in our company. As a business owner I constantly reach out to Devin to aid in employee development and work through day to day problems that arise in the company. It is great to have someone as knowledgeable as Devin readily available to assist in growing a company."

Ramsey Shadeck | Owner | Ace Painting Pro's

"I'm so grateful that Devin took an interest in my newly started residential painting company. In the first 30 minutes of meeting with him he had diagnosed the key areas I needed to work on, and over the course of our engagement helped me develop systems to organize my finances and prepare for scale. As a result, I've saved so much time and was able to grow much faster than I could have without his help. With his guidance my company hit 6 figures in 8 months! He's the most giving person when it comes to what he specializes in and never holds back. I still use his methodology today and highly recommend him, whether you're looking for a breakthrough, or a strategy to take your business to the next level".

Kurtis Thomas | Owner | Breathwork Detox, Author of The World is Yours
“Devin is the most multifaceted coach and business strategist I’ve come across in the past decade. He has become an indispensable asset to my business and will be involved in every project or company I launch from here on out.

Work with Devin!

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