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Devin A. Wilbourn


"Pain trains the man, failure trains the mind."

I joined my first start up when I was 22. At 24 I got married, my first startup failed, and my wife and I had to move in with my parents. At 25 we moved to Kansas City to join an inner city ministry. On Christmas Eve that year my parents and grandmother were killed in a car accident, and the organization we moved to join collapsed.

At 26 we returned to Dallas to have our first son, and I joined my second startup. At 27 we had our second son, and my second startup failed. At 28 I was hired to design the corporate culture for a $50M company. Despite having extraordinary results, at 29 the company fell on hard times and had to cut my contract. We lost everything and had to move in with family again.

At 31 I was hired to create the training for a $100M company, and we moved to Rhode Island. At 32 I became the VP of Strategy. At 33 I became the Chief Marketing Officer. At 34 the company went bankrupt.


Since then I've published a book, become an equity partner in 2 businesses, and launched a consulting and coaching brand

Life isn't a straight line, and the path to victory often looks like a Nascar accident before a success story. But even if you have to push the broken pieces across the finish line in a wheelbarrow, don't quit; because the person you become in the process can conquer anything.

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